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An opportunity for the future

Since 2019, the South Beach/Shoreline community and the Port Coogee community have been working together to divide the suburb of North Coogee and create two new names. In February 2021, a petition signed by over 2000 residents supported suburbs to be called South Beach and Port Coogee. Unfortunately, Landgate advised a compelling case could not be made based on confusion and the name South Beach is not compliant to current policy.

After ongoing discussions with Landgate, City of Cockburn and our community, a re-submission was made to more clearly define the case against the strict policy guidelines and proposing a change of the northern name to Catherine Point while reaffirming Port Coogee for the southern section.

Unfortunately, Landgate have advised the name “South Beach” cannot go forward. The name “Port Coogee” can still be supported by Landgate but is only likely to be successful if the whole of North Coogee agrees to change to two new names. Scan the QR code below or go to our website to read in detail the reasons for Landgate’s decision.

Everything you need to know

What is the process for changing suburb names?
What does Landgate consider are the key drivers for suburb name change?
Why do most people in North Coogee want a name change?
Will there be further community consultation?

How do we change the suburb name and why?

What names were considered?

Why is the name South Beach no longer an option and what are the implications?
Why the name Port Coogee can be supported by Landgate
Why is the name Catherine Point our best alternative to the South Beach name?
Why would remaining North Coogee perpetuate the problems?

Where would the new boundary be located?

Why is McTaggart Cove the most appropriate boundary?
The proposed boundaries (map)

What is the process going forward?

Who can vote to on the name change during community consultation?
Will both new suburbs remain a part of the City of Cockburn?
What if I disagree with the proposal to divide the suburbs?
How long will it take to change the name?

History of the progress to change

A timeline of significant meetings and events

April 2024 Landgate is currently assessing the proposal and is aiming to table an agenda item with the Geographic Names Committee at the next available meeting, which is currently scheduled for 13 June 2024.

Port Coogee Marina

Who's Who and Acronyms

State Government
The Minister – The Minister for Lands
GNC – The Geographic Names Committee
Landgate – Western Australia’s land information authority

Local Government
COC – City of Cockburn The Council Elected members
OCM – An Ordinary Council Meeting of the City of Cockburn

Community Associations

CPCG – Catherine Point Community Group
formerly SBCG
SBCG – South Beach Community Group
PCCA – Port Coogee Community Association

For more information
The name change entities – their roles and responsibilities

Catherine Point

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